Tuesday, April 3, 2018

TrapWire Security Software Offers Opportunity To Prevent Criminal, Terrorist Acts

The severity of threats that security operations face today is unprecedented. Battlefield tactics have made their way onto the streets of the US and Europe, shattering the sense of security that once existed in the private sector. This is the state of the world in the 21st century, but the good guys don’t need to wait around to react to criminal or terrorist-backed events. Instead, they can use “the intelligent security method” developed by the experts at TrapWire to keep their surroundings safe. How can this cloud-based program complement your existing security systems? By learning more about the TrapWire platform, it becomes clear that this system, first unveiled in 2004, has been continuously improved upon to become the threat-detection and risk-mitigation vanguard it is today.

When TrapWire first became available as a counter-terrorism program to protect critical government sites, the usefulness (and need) of a surveillance and threat detection systems became readily apparent. Early adopters immediately saw an improvement in their security ROI, as they realized TrapWire helped them quickly and efficiently focus their limited resources on those areas that were true vulnerabilities. Security officers were no longer worried about “over reporting” SARs and, for the first time, these same officers felt they were making a difference. Spring forward to 2018, and this erstwhile counter-terror tool has evolved into an all-crimes system, helping both the public and private sectors thwart a wide variety of threats, including everything from organized crime to fraud, sexual predators to industrial espionage, terrorists to malicious insiders. TrapWire clients have consistently praised the system’s ease of use and secure communications platform. The company also received kudos for their threat and surveillance detectiontraining, which many clients touted as being some of the best training their security personnel have ever received. With all this, it’s easy to understand why TrapWire Inc’s customer retention rate is consistently above 95%.

Subscribing to TrapWire is one of the smartest moves your company can make to seriously address criminal and terrorist threats. The “see something, say something” admonitions can only carry us so far. With a persistent threat detection program such as TrapWire at work, this new approach to security allows you to truly prevent, rather than react to, threats affecting your people and assets.